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About Rich City Rays

Our Organization

Rich City Rays is a grassroots partnership of community groups and climate justice activists in Richmond, California who are using kayaktivism as a force for addressing the climate crisis and environmental injustice through community-led non-violent direct action on the water.


They work to empower the communities most harmed by fossil fuel operations in the Bay Area to stand up to corporate polluters.

Our Mission

We the people have the right to a clean and healthy connection to the water that brings life to our community. Rich City Ray's strives to provide access to water sports with a history of exclusion of minorities and low income communities in Richmond. We use our voices and bodies to protect and steward the water. To take back the Bay from pollution and environmental racism.

We use our bodies and our community to resist capitalism, colonialism, racism, patriarchy, ableism, sexism, and other systems of oppression faced by our Richmond community. We strive to develop a deep relationship and connection to our water, and to Richmond through a BIPOC led, community-centered approach to community care. We center the Ohlone People, the rightful owners of the land we inhabit in support of rematriation and the return of stolen land to the indigenous communities it was stolen from.

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